To manufacture our products we use the rules of the ISO 9001 quality management system. The production process is constantly monitored. For the most part, our welders have certified welder certificates by accredited organizations.

Regarding to production and control we meet the requirements according to AD 2000 and MSZ EN 13445 and for control of welding technology with welding procedure tests we use the MSZ EN ISO 3834-2.

Among our equipment we give the certificate according to MSZ EN 10204: 2005 type 2.1, and, depending on the complexion of the facility, the CE certificate of suitability according to MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17050-1: 2004 or if customer requests the MSZ EN 10204: 2005 certificate type 3.1.

In the case of pressure and hazardous material tanks, we passed a CE certificate and a machine book in accordance with the relevant instructions and arrangements.


Most of the equipment manufactured by us is based on special plans which we harmonize in every case with our customers. For the planning of equipment we use modern planning software, with which we make strength calculations and technical 2D u. 3D drawings. During the planning we take into account the external cause to the container, check the wind and earthquake load.

For creating drawings used software: